Rugby with a wooden ball in Vietnam

Exercises / April 5, 2022

Vietnamese also love sports, as well as all over the world, especially ball games. That's why they even play rugby, although they have a wooden ball for this.

In Vietnam, the fifth day of the Lunar New Year celebration is a traditional festival «Vat Kau». The main attraction of the annual three-day event are matches with a wooden ball, while some are waiting for the  XSMB, xo so mien bac after the weekend, others are playing rugby. Competitions are held on a special field where each team tries to carry a 17-kilogram ball into a hole dug in the corner of the field. The matches attract hundreds of spectators who laugh and applaud the athletes. At the end of the tournament, in which 16 teams participate, a team of eight winners receives a cash award.

A lot of photos can be found on the Internet to feel this atmosphere.

Photo by Nayla Charo from Pexels