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Concentration Training

Concentrate / June 22, 2017

Devilish Training is a true test of concentration.

Two types of intelligence

Human intelligence can be categorized into crystallized intelligence and fluid intelligence. Crystallized intelligence represents the accuracy and wealth of intelligence, as well as the ability to operate that intelligence. It can be attained through hard work in study and experience. On the other hand, fluid intelligence is at work when you address new situations and solve problems you have never experienced before. It is said to be an ability you are born with.

Generally, when people say that someone is “smart, ” they are referring to high fluid intelligence. It is thought that the essence of this fluid intelligence is working memory. Recent research has indicated that training working memory may heighten fluid intelligence. With improved fluid intelligence, you will be able to act appropriately when faced with a new situation.

For example, this could raise the ability of businesspeople and athletes, who must make instantaneous decisions, or it may improve the efficiency of housewives in their housework. If you are a student preparing for exams, your grades may improve. There are individual differences, but whatever your generation or living environment, training your working memory will efficiently and effectively improve your abilities.

What is working memory?

Working memory is a concept related to memory that was revealed in the 1960s. It is a set of memory processes that include temporary storage of information within the brain and manipulation and use of that information.Working memory is an essential ability for thoroughly carrying out your daily activities.

For example, working memory is necessary when you are in conversation to listen to someone’s words, understand them, and reply. You may also use it when you think out the steps involved in cooking. In sports, working memory is necessary when you anticipate an opponent’s movement and determine your next action.

People whose working memory ability is high are able to perform multiple tasks at once, and to remember things and handle them in order.

Devilish Training

The modern mind has numerous devices to stay connected (e.g. laptops, smart phones, tablets), and these distractions have led to an information overload making it difficult to stay focused on specific tasks. Brain AgeTM: Concentration Training offers newly designed training exercises to combat this information addiction.

Devilish Training is a new training method found within the Brain Age: Concentration Training game based on recent brain science. It is an efficient manner of training that always pushes the capabilities of working memory to the limit.

It is necessary to train for a certain period of time, so with this game you will concentrate for five or more minutes each day. However, training too much would have the opposite of the desired effect, so you can only play each type of training once each day. It’s important to train your working memory regularly. Just five minutes a day of Devilish Training can have an effect. Take a little time to train each day.

See how it works
Increasing prefrontal cortex volume

We visualized the shape of the brain with MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging) tests before and after two months of regular training in order to compare the volume of the cerebral cortex of the dorsolateral prefrontal area of the brain. We affirmed that working memory training had increased the volume of the cerebral cortex (in mainly the prefrontal cortex).

It is said that the cerebral cortex’s volume is involved in intelligence. This game contains many kinds of “devilish training” based on the activities used in that experiment.

Increased cerebral cortex volume due to training