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Concentrate / July 28, 2017


Concentration and the Brain

Whether you are reading a book, studying for a class, or simply doing your job, concentration plays a major role in how we accomplish those tasks during the thought process. In the same manner, our concentration allows us to clearly focus on the task at hand. Concentration is simply the mental process of focusing your mind on a single thought or task. In some ways, our brains are very much like computers. We receive data, process the data and somehow compute thoughts, and verbalize the information. Sometimes our concentration doesn't perform the way we expect, we may have a slower than normal response and we become frustrated. A person's intelligence level is tied to their ability to concentrate. There is research that suggests the level of intelligence a person has can be traced hereditarily. Meaning that you may inherit the smarts of your parents.j0178811 In theory if any one person has a high level of concentration, their intelligence level would also likely be high.

The process of concentration is a very important part of what we do on a daily basis. Without the ability to concentrate, thoughts could be lost and memories wasted. Some consider concentration a way of branding our brains to recall things and assist our memory. For example, when studying for an exam, you study by concentrating, you read; focus on the key words, in addition to the phrases and exercises that will assist you with remembering the details. Famous intellects such as Einstein, must have mastered this ability quite well. It is easy to assume that highly intelligent people were born with a bigger brain, or larger capacity for learning. However, it is also fair to assume that enhancing the way we think, and focus can ultimately produce better concentrating skills. In essence, concentration is an ability we are able to maintain and enhance to better ourselves.