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Focus / June 28, 2017

improve mental focusThe key to living a productive life style lies within building a focus. Coming to master your mental focus is a bit of a trick; however, in the long run, it will create a more disciplined and accomplished journey.

The majority of us tend to become victim to the cognitive switching penalty, which is the side effect resulting from multi-tasking. When confronted with a situation, your brain will begin to load the context of what you’re doing into active memory.

If you’re constantly switching the focus of your attention, you’re forcing your brain to spend time and effort reloading the context.

The cognitive switching penalty can include mental and physical fatigue. By mastering your mental focus, you can avoid the waste of such energy.

Use motivating self talkThese 8 tips below will lead to an improved mental focus.

Tip 1: Focus on one thing

As mentioned before, multi-tasking causes the brain to load several bits of information at once. When the brain has to refocus on a task, it drains the brain of energy. This leads to fatigue, inability to focus, and poor work ethic as you may not get anything done.

You could have spent the whole day working, but multi-tasking leaves the brain fatigued. In reality, much work may not have been accomplished.

meditation powerful toolTip 2: Use motivating self-talk

The act of self-talking can assist in the progress of building a focus. By reinforcing your goal with positive affirmations, you are motivating yourself to remain focused.

Tip 3: Meditate to calm yourself

Meditation is one of the most powerful tool someone could use to build a focus. The reason for this is its ability to train an individual to control their thoughts. This begins with bringing your focus to your breath.

While meditating, you may notice thoughts popping into your mind. Instead of panicking, try disengaging from that train of thought. Then return your focus to your breath and hold it there. This act of meditating will hone your control and allow more mental focus.

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