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Focus / January 26, 2017

designer-coffee-shopMaybe you have a list of effective rituals to help you double down on your workload. Or, if you’re anything like me, you’re looking for some new ideas to help regain your focus throughout the day.

“Our office is on a bike trail, so I’ll go on a walk with a coworker who isn’t on the project to run the problem by them. Fresh air goes well with a fresh perspective. I come back with a head full of ideas and a couple thousand steps on my Fitbit!”

designer-headphones, Senior Design Partner at Innovatemap

“For me, about it’s understanding that concentration and focus are resources you can improve. A concentration master might have 4 hours’ worth of focus in a day, while a novice might only have one hour. What helps me get in the zone is knowing that every time I’m going deep into a task or project, I’m training my concentration skills to be better in the long run. That means I need to be mindful and identify when I’m distracted and how to eliminate distractions—but knowing there’s a reward a little later down the line makes it all worth it.”

“Concentration and focus are resources you can improve.”

ryan_invision“I leave my workspace to take a walk, get a cup of coffee, or whatever will get me away from staring at my screen. Often I run into something that gives me a source of inspiration or insight into something I hadn’t thought of. Then I go back, jam to my newest pump-up song, and get down to work. Some of my best work comes from that process.”

–Meghan Lojeski, Graphic Designer at Bright Cellars

Related story: Dogs of design agencies.“Usually when I’m having trouble getting in the zone at work, it’s because my mind is racing with ideas and I can’t focus on the task. I have to write down those thoughts so I can forget them and move on. Another thing I like to do is take a quick break and relax in our sleep pod.”

–Shannon Ramelot, UX Designer at Quicken Loans

“I drink a couple glasses of water (and sometimes a shot of espresso), plug in my earbuds, and listen to instrumental music like Tycho or Gramatik loud enough that I can’t hear the people around me chatting.”

–Stephanie Polus, Project Manager at Ideapark

–Kara Fellows, Creative Manager at Sanitas Skincare

Source: www.invisionapp.com