Two Tricks to Improve Focus

games to increase focus

Focus / March 24, 2017

activities-to-improve-focus-and-concentrationAnyone can benefit from activities that require focus and concentration. Not only does it keep your brain functioning well into adulthood, but it can make other tasks less frustrating and increase productivity at school and work.

Seven Ways to Promote Good Concentration Skills:

  1. Set realistic tasks, especially considering your child’s maturity level. Unrealistic expectations create frustration, which then interferes with concentration.
  2. Break up the tasks into small steps or parts. If you or your child are not used to studying for an hour straight, then break up homework time into shorter spans to allow for breaks.
  3. Create a distraction-free zone. Lots of noise and visual distractions can limit concentration and focus.
  4. Be supportive and encouraging. Learning a new skill can be challenging, and learning to concentrate is no different.concentration-spans-for-children Encourage your child with verbal praise during fun games, as well the more serious homework times.
  5. Play fun concentration-building games. More of these below!
  6. Get good, plenty of, and . Our brains need a to function at its best.
  7. Allow plenty of time for, entertainment, and hobbies.