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Concentrate / June 16, 2017

b-img25 Reasons Whey Protein Isolate is Better Than Whey Protein Concentrate

You want the highest quality protein to help reach your health goals. You try to compare Nutrition Fact Labels, but sometimes they are confusing and ingredients look similar. Have you wondered what the difference is between whey protein isolate (WPI) and whey protein concentrate (WPC)?

  • MORE Protein: whey protein isolate must contain at least 90% protein
    (Whey protein concentrate can have 25-80% protein-the rest is lactose and minerals)
  • LESS Lactose: whey protein isolate has a negligible amount of lactose
    (Whey protein concentrate can have up to 55% lactose)
  • LESS Fat: whey protein isolate has less than 1% fat
    (Whey protein concentrate has 1-7% fat)
  • Best Texture: whey protein isolate has a smooth texture
    (Whey protein concentrate can be chalky or gritty. It also may feel like it coats your mouth)
  • Clean Taste: whey protein isolate has a clean taste and does not leave an aftertaste.

Source: www.unjury.com