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Brain games for focus

Focus / June 4, 2017

For an educational tool to be effective, it needs to draw from evidence-based brain science. Brain Games had already proven effective in strengthening the essential skills of focus, memory, and self-control β€” and we designed this version to amplify the cognitive benefits of helping kids learn how to β€œthink about their thinking.”

Designed for classrooms

For an educational tool to be impactful, it needs to work in the lives of busy teachers. Through on-the-ground research, we heard loud and clear: "We need to help our kids learn how to learn, but please don't drop another program onto our overloaded plates." By engaging with teachers in feedback cycles throughout the design process, we crafted Brain Games into small activities with the potential for maximum impact. These five-minute games can be used by teachers to ease transition times during the schoolday and don’t involve heavy curricular requirements like many big education programs.